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Stolen objects report.

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Stolen January 2003 Belgium

A French Directoire pendule, made by Oudin à Paris, c. 1795. (elève de Breguet) The trapezium shaped case is veneered with burl amboina and embellished by ormolu ornaments in the shape of griffins, swans and torches.

The time is indicated by two blued steel hands on the white enamel dial with a black chapterring with Arabic hour division, red Arabic fifteen minute division, five minute division and minute division

The week-going movement is driven by two springs in spring barrels. The going train has anchor escapement with short pendulum and wire suspension. The half hour striking train is regulated by a lock plate and indicates the hour fully and the half hours with one stroke on a bell.

The clock is in excellent condition.

Literatuur: Tardy, Dictionnaire des Horlogers Francais, blz. 496

Submitted by:
Leopold De Saeytijd
+32 (0) 3 353 87 08
email via intermediate:

Official Police Authority:
Federale Politie Antwerpen
Dhr. Gerry Smet
Tel: +32 (0) 3 670 77 21

Height 27 cm
Width 17 cm
Depth 10,5 cm

Stolen objects report.

To the care of the
Horological Foundation.

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