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Stolen objects report.

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Dutch table clock with going and striking train; indication of date, date and phase of the moon, hours and minutes. Going train: Plate movement with horizontal anchor escapement and pendulum, going for one week, spring barrel and fusee. Painted dail with silvered brass chapter ring. The painting of high quality shows in the upper left corner an angel with vanitas symbols (sand-glass and scythe), in the upper right corner an angel with a ring (symbol of eternity). Below left a basket with flowers on top of sheafs (symbol of Spring and Summer), at the right with a basket with grapes and skates -symbols for Autumn and Winter-
(c. 1755)

Burglary at the Museum of the Dutch Clock Zaandam The Netherlands

In the night from 8th to 9th of August a brutal burglary has taken place at the Museum van het Nederlandse Uurwerk (Museum of the Dutch Clock) in Zaandam, The Netherlands. The burglars forced the entrance door of the historical building at the Zaanse Schans, but were detected quickly because of the security system. This did not prevent them from stealing two valuable Dutch table clocks and seriously damage a third one.

For any relevant information which could help to recapture these clocks, please contact the museum at telephone number 0331 (0)75-6179769 or


Stolen objects report.

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