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F. Kats Antiquarian Horologist

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An exceptionally fine and important 18K gold, hunting cased, keyless, one-minute tourbillon regulator pocket chronometer with special escapement. attributed to Albert Pellaton-Favre, Le Locle, circa 1905 Case four-body, "bassine", polished, gold hinged cuvette. Dial white enamel, Roman numerals, outer minute ring, subsidiary sunk seconds, Gold diamond set 'crucifix' hands. M. 42,6 mm (19'''), rhodiumed, Locle Technicum caliber with curved center bridge, "fausses côtes" decoration, three-arm equidistant Pellaton carriage with spring detent chronometer escapement, cut bimetallic compensation balance, blued steel balance spring with Phillips outer terminal curve, index regulator with goldscale plate, jeweled to the center, entire escapement with endstones. Diam. 56,3 mm. The watch with tourbillon carriage was an ultimate in precision timekeeping. Albert Pellaton-Favre (1834-1914) A native of Le Locle, was one of the principle constructors of tourbillons. He made no fewer than 82 tourbillon watches, mostly with spring detent escapement, and won prizes from the Geneva and Neuchatel Observatories. Only the over 35 Tourbillons, which Albert Pellaton-Favre and his son James Pellaton manufactured for Patek Philippe, is a special class in the area of precision horology. Apart from the outstanding results, obtained by these calibres, it is the esthetical concept combined with the absolute technical perfection and craftsmanship, which distinguished these instruments. The Tourbillons of Pellaton represent the best, ever brought out by the Swiss chronometry. The basic calibre was developed by A. Pellaton Favre. He used, without exception, an Earnshaw chronometer escapement in his revolving carriages. His son James Pellaton 1873 -1954), director of the Technicum Le Locle, manufactured these Tourbillons as free co-worker for Patek Philippe. Unlike his father he favoured however Swiss anchor escapements. He often supplied just the complete ébauche (movement blank) and monitored the completion of the chronometer in house, where he had his own workbench. Exceptional performances could be obtained through these extraordinary privileges as granted by Patek Philipe. Their reputation was established by their farsighted and scientifically oriented way of acting.

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F. Kats Antiquarian Horologist

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