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Stolen objects report.

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The clock was stolen on saturday 25 october 2003 between 13.45 en 14.00 hrs.

French gilt and patinated bronze clock depicting a blackamoor who carries the clock on his back. Height: app. 35 cm.
The clock was in excellent and untouched condition. Original gilding. White enamel dial. Not signed.

The Portefaix pendule was stolen from the antique shop of Mrs. Anouk Miga, situated in de Bredestraat nr. 24 te Maastricht. Phone and faxnr.: 0031-43-3212584.

The theft was reported at the Police District Limburg Zuid
District Maastricht
Basiseenheid Maastricht Noord-Oost
afdeling Basis Politiezorg
Fax: 0031-43-4001399
Proces verbaal nummer: 2003156238-1

Stolen objects report.

To the care of the
Horological Foundation.

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'stolen objects'.


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