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Timely Investments

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This very important table Regulator by Breguet is encased in finely figured rosewood, trimmed in boxwood, with glazed panels on four sides to beautifully display the complicated movement.

The white enamel dial features Arabic numerals and a jump hour indicator designed by Breguet.

The blued-steel hands for the hours and center seconds are also of Breguet design. The main features of the movement include: dead beat escapement; full gridiron compensated pendulum; early rack striking system; weight driven remontoire; and a thermal compensator dial.

Further details include:
pierced and compensated snail; pierced cocks; jeweled pallets and escape wheel; and a most ingenious way of making sure the clock only strikes one at the half hour. The back plate of the movement is engraved ‘Breguet’ with matching signature on the dial.

Circa 1790-1810

Dimensions: 24 “ (61 cm)


Timely Investments

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