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A mid 17th century brass balance wheel striking lantern clock signed above the dial 'Peter Closen nere Holborn Bridge fecit'

This is a rare Commonwealth period lantern clock, the case with beautifully engraved dial and alarm disc, the fret above signed, with restored balance wheel escapement.

Peter Closen was Freeman of another city company - probably Blacksmiths. He was a subscriber to the incorporation of the Clockmakers Company in 1630. He had a son living in 1642. He was made Assistant in the Clockmakers Company in 1633, Warden in 1637-38, when ceased to attend. He was last known alive in 1654 and probably dead before 1662-1663.

Work known: Lantern clocks including one quarter striking three train example and signed work: 'Peter Closon Neare Hoburn Bridge fecit' 'Peter Closon Londini fecit'

See pages 154 and 155 'The Early Clockmakers of Great Britain' by Brian Loomes

Height: 17inches/43 cms ins. ( cm.)

Circa: 1650

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