Objects for sale from various sources.

For Sale.


This webpage shows objects for sale from various sources and not displayed on gallery pages. Anyone may submit objects for this section. Fee $10 per Object, however the first three objects are free.

If you, for safety reasons, do not want to unveal your identity and the whereabouts of your object(s), the Foundation's secretariat could handle communications with prospective buyers on your behalf. However the foundation shall be duly informed about your true identity and full address before your objects will be published. Vendors should realise that buyers, before concluding a deal, might want to inspect objects in order to confirm the truthfulness of pictures, descriptions and other information exchanged on objects. Only the vendor is responsible for this information.

Acceptance of objects submitted to this setion is entirely at the discretion of the Horological Foundation.

Buyers may ask the Foundation's opinion on objects submitted to this section.

See 'Terms of use' on the main menu of the Foundation's global site to learn that the Foundation does not accept any liability for these services.